Backyard photo by the inimitable  Andrea Behrends .

Backyard photo by the inimitable Andrea Behrends.



Hi. I'm Heather Lose, a creative communications professional and idealist. I'm an Editor-in-Chief, a Creative Director, a radio-station-builder and Graphic Designer. I grew up in Nashville Tennessee, and graduated by the skin of my teeth from Hillwood Comprehensive High School, where I excelled in "commercial art" classes and in finding creative ways to sneak off campus. I spent a few colorful years working in design and the music industry in Los Angeles and back here in Nashville before finishing my first college degree.

I earned my BFA in visual communications (a fancy name for Graphic Design) and photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where I managed to win a Merit Scholarship and some other nice little awards. I worked as an assistant producer for a talented photographer named Sandro Miller for a few years in the Windy City before going to Southern Illinois to get my master's degree. My MA is in Professional Media Practices from the Journalism Department at the School of Mass Communications and Media Arts at Southern Illinois University.

I enjoy anything that builds community because I think we need more of that. My strengths include editorial, branding, social media and logo design. I like working anyplace where good communication is happening between smart, funny, creative people, and I excel at leading creative teams.

I co-founded the Nashville Community Darkroom in 2013 and, more recently, the freeform community radio station WXNA 101.5 fm, where I was the founding President of the Board and am an eternal cheerleader.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of The Tennessee Conservationist. Please go buy a subscription.

My husband and I live in Inglewood in East Nashville, where we enjoy gardening, listening to owls, and keeping the damn gutters clean. I like to run, make fancy cocktails, and hang out with our tight circle of talented and free-wheeling friends. I collect wood type (whole fonts only please!) and yearn for the death of Zapfino, Papyrus, and Bleeding Cowboy.

You can reach me at Thanks for stopping by!